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Create Atomic Design Systems


    Atomic Design is a methodology ...

    ... composed of five distinct stages working together to create interface design systems in a more deliberate and hierarchical manner.


    AtomicKitchen offer an alternative to designers with low programming skills, who want to create a atomic-design-driven pattern library or create an online styleguide for their clients.

  • 5 reasons for using AtomicKitchen

    1. Easier to create style guides
    2. Easier to update your work by change requests
    3. Your design system is more consistent
    4. Fast and easy prototyping tool
    5. Speed up your workflow through reusability and modularity

More Information


Look at our Demo-Styleguide - made with AtomicKitchen

Please note that AtomicKitchen is still in alpha stage and is not quite as functional as we would like. In April 2021, a stable beta-version will be released. If you want, you can get informed about our Newsletter.

Atomic Design is a process that affects both the developer and the designer.

In order to create cohesive and consistent interfaces, we have to establish more pattern-driven design and development workflows. We need to break our interfaces down into smaller parts, but we simultaneously need to ensure those parts come together to form a beautiful and functional whole.

“Atomic design” is a helpful mental model that helps us do just that, and AtomicKitchen is the ultimative tool which bring these atomic design systems to life.