Create with AtomicKitchen easily pattern-driven design and Online-Styleguides

In order to create cohesive and consistent user interfaces, we have to establish more pattern-driven design and development workflows. We need to break our interfaces down into smaller parts, but we simultaneously need to ensure those parts come together to form a beautiful and functional whole.

And more, responsive design is forcing us to reevaluate our design and development practices. It's also forcing us to rethink how we communicate with our clients and what a project's deliverables might be.

A well-functioning pattern library and in addition the “Atomic Design” methodology are two powerful resources that helps us do just that. The improvements of these methods affects both, developers and designers, and last but not least: our clients and users.

But to many designers, creating a pattern library can feel like a daunting academic pursuit, or simply useless overhead documentation. To make matters worse, getting consensus on which technology to use and how to get started is hard.

PatternLab for example is a useful tool, but for designers with poor programming skills, it is difficult to learn. Basically, it fulfills its purpose, but it requires some practice. And even then, it feels very brittle and hard - we can say, it is a tool for design-nerds and developers.

AtomicKitchen wants to fill this gap and offer an alternative to designers with low programming skills, who want to create a atomic-design-driven pattern library or create an online styleguide for their clients.

With AtomicKitchen you can create and maintain robust design systems. It allows you to roll out higher quality, more consistent UIs - faster than ever before.