Digital Asset Management

Finding instead of searching

We often encounter in our customer contacts how time-consuming it is to find the right material for a website relaunch or to keep a company's employee photos up to date.

Often developers or editors are given the wrong formats or image files which are too large, whose use unnecessarily slows down the loading time of the website, to name just one example.

Intuitive Digital-Asset-Management 1 Intuitive Digital-Asset-Management 2 Intuitive Digital-Asset-Management 3

With AtomicKitchen, we can help you to organize your corporate design elements. These can be images, videos, logos, icons, illustrations, web fonts or code patterns, whose relevant information is clearly available.

You can search for these assets specifically, make them available online in a password-protected mode or provide them with additional information.

Further development of our asset management

Our Asset Management is one of the last functionalities we integrated into AtomicKitchen. We learned to appreciate its value when we ourselves worked with the design systems we created and the number of integrated elements steadily increased.

Still it is limited to the classic functionalities: searching, filtering, sorting and online delivery. But now already all relevant information of the assets like dimensions, size, creation date as well as a native preview (e.g. of the web fonts) can be displayed. Also, file names can be changed or SVGs and code patterns can be edited directly from the asset management - without any additional tool.


The further expansion of the asset management is one of our central epics in our backlog. In the near future, the following functionalities will be added: A smart «tagging» concept, an assignment of assets to projects, the integration and generation of ZIP archives and more.

Some asset types can be edited directly in AtomicKitchen.

Some asset formats like SVGs or code files can be edited directly from the asset management without an additional call of another application.