What is so special about AtomicKitchen?

AtomicKitchen is a web-based tool that helps you create and manage «modular» design systems. Based on the concept of «Atomic Design», it allows you to develop design structures from the smallest, indivisible units - atoms - to complex page templates.

The evolution of a design system

"Inheritance" and "Nesting"

The special feature of AtomicKitchen is the combination of «inheritance» and «nesting». This significantly reduces the effort required to create and maintain design components. It also helps to avoid errors and inconsistencies. This helps to ensure a high level of consistency and coherence throughout the design system, resulting in a better user experience of the developed design.

When a basic property of a base or primary component is changed, these changes are propagated to all higher-level components that depend on it.

Consistency - without being "dogmatic"

In addition, AtomicKitchen provides the ability to make context-sensitive adjustments that give you the flexibility to respond to specific needs or situations without compromising the fundamental properties of your design elements.

With up to six levels of hierarchy, AtomicKitchen allows you to create complex, highly nested components, making it an ideal tool for large and complex projects. Despite its powerful features, AtomicKitchen remains intuitive to use and effectively helps you create and maintain consistent, reusable, and modular design systems. Users are supported by easy-to-use asset management, component search, release and feedback features, and change history.

AtomicKitchen generates thereby style guides, which can be published or passed on independently of the actual application. AtomicKitchen can be operated either as SaaS or on-premise.