The Frontend: Your publication panel

The frontend of AtomicKitchen is the publication channel of your workspace. In it you publish so-called «Styleguides». Thereby you can publish release information like version or change notes.

Manifold settings

In the settings area, which is located behind the icon with the gear wheel, you can make various settings for your styleguide. You can choose between three designs and fine-tune them even more, e.g. you can define the typography or color scheme or load a logo for your styleguide.

The setting options are manifold, try them out best. You can also upload a custom startpage or custom JS or CSS files to influence the look and feel of your styleguide.

AtomicKitchen is a very, very new and above all very extensive tool. It is currently available in an alpha version and is under continuous development. Since you are one of the first users, we unfortunately can't explain all the features and possibilities here. We are working on an extensive documentation, which we will publish soon. It is best to start with trial and error. And learn what happens. If you get stuck, write us an email. We will do our best to answer it in a timely manner.